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Independence, Cats, and Crime

So anyways, this month has been kinda wild. For some complicated reasons my brother and his wife have been living in my house, they left last month though for kinda dumb reasons, so now I’m living by myself, been all this month, that’s the independence. Thing is, I was going to highschool all year so as to not be a dropout anymore, and my brother was the one who was bringing money to the table, I would just get a little money here and there, selling a thing or two or having family members give me money for reasons, but I needed that money for things like say buying lunch at school so I won’t starve or buying dehodorant.

So for whatever reason my brother never once decided he would stop buying snacks for a week or two to pay the water bill, which we owe like 7k pesos of! It hasn’t been paid in months and now that he was gone, I couldn’t pay it myself because no job yet, I had other things to buy like groceries and stuff.

So there’s this cat who’s been hanging outside my house for a couple of years, and the cat has scabies on her ears, she was also pretty dirty, so I decided I would bring her inside and bathe her.

The cat while still stray, outside of my house.

Last week I got a little bit of money so I went to the vet to buy shampoo for the cat, I could of partially paid the water bill, but I didn’t because I thought I had at least one more month before it would be a proble, so instead I did that, I bought shampoo for the cat, the vet also gave me some iodine pads for free so I could treat her scabies!

I came home and literally the next day I woke up to not having running water, and I’m like “Oh my god what the hell” and so now I couldn’t wash my dishes anymore, and I also couldn’t take a bath or wash my clothes so I could go look for a job without being smelly, but most importantly, I couldn’t bathe the cat that I bought the shampoo for causing this problem to begin with, which was really crappy.

Crucially, in the part of the town where I live for budget reasons, nobody has a water meter. The water company could of straight up disconnected the water, and they have done so before, but now they didn’t, they just went and closed the valve that goes from the city water system into my house, and they took off the valve, but the water was still running to my house, it was just blocked by the valve without a handle.

The valve, freshly closed, handle confiscated by the water company.

So what did I do? Cause I owe a lot of the water bill and I gotta pay half of it before they give it back. Well any normal human being would of just asked their neighbors for help getting water, and save up to pay the bill. My autistic ass wasn’t having it, so I got more money from [redacted] and I went to buy a new valve at the hardware store, and I additionally bought more stuff for the cat to be inside the house.

Some stuff I bought for the cat to enjoy her new home!

And so I went and took off the old valve to put the new one in, and the pressure was higher than I expected so I panicked and I tried to put it back on, and I wasn’t able to, the pressure wasn’t letting me put quiiiiiite enough force to do it, I wish I had a picture, it was wild but when I realized what was happening I threw away my phone to protect it from the water.

I eventually had the genius idea of taking the new valve -which I had put onto the house side hose, I took it off as fast as I could- and opening so stuff would go through and not push it, and then I put that one onto the city side hose that was shooting water out, and it was just on, I just closed the valve and then I could just, put it on the house side and open it back up, and then I could water my trees and wash my dishes illegally! And that’s the story of my first crime against capitalism.

The new valve illegally installed so I can take a bath, right after the 10 minute mess.

So now that I had running water, I took the cat inside the house! After a couple of days I bathed her with the shampoo I bought at the vet, I was fully expecting to get a lot of bad scratches and even some biting, but surprisingly she took it like a champ and barely tried getting away from the bath tub a couple of times!

When I rinsed the shampoo off she got scared and pooped on the towel I put on the tub for her to grip and feel safer, and that sucked a bit but it wasn’t a problem because I just threw the poop outside and put the towel in a bucket with water mixed with bleach and soap and let that soak overnight before washing normally.

I tried drying her with another towel but she was trying to get away, so I decided to let her go relax, and when she gets more used to water it will be easier.

The cat eating from her new bowl.
The cat after the bath.

When she dried up a bit I took a couple of the iodine pads and rubbed them on her ears to trerat her scabies.

The cat’s ears after applying iodine.

Afterwards, I wrapped her in a blanket so she won’t be cold and will dry faster, I also put a litle treat in her new bowl because she was so brave in the bath and she deserves it!

Her little delicious treat :)
She’s snug like a little bug :)

I didn’t take pictures but this morning she used her litter box, which means she’s had an owner at some point and is trained to use litter boxes, so that’s good I don’t need to deal with cat poop all over the house, I didn’t take a picture though.

I love this cat and I will take good care of her and give her lots of love. Still got to give her a name, and I wanna buy her toys and a cat tree, catnip even, but for now, she has her bowl, her cardboard scratcher, a cheap toy she’s hardly used so far, and her litter box, also her shampoo but that won’t be used very often.

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