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Devil Insider #1: The Door

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A desolate area about the size of a large building, with a lifeless, stagnant smell as if time had stopped and dirt dry like a desert. It’s surrounded by a tall forest, the dirt gets contrastingly very moist and soft where it starts and it is lively with plants and fungi, but there is an uncanny absence of animals and insects, and there’s a deafening silence.

In the center of the desolate area, a makeshift altar captures the gaze. It consists of a circle made of salt, within which a symbol takes form. Crafted from powdered chalk, the symbol is that of a star enclosed within the circle. It radiates with a mysterious aura. Surrounding the altar, six pillars of black stone stand tall, each adorned with cryptic glyphs.

Around the line of the altar there are two women, one of them has bright red hair and yellow eyes, she’s wearing black denim shorts, a white sports bra, a red cropped leather jacket, a pair of boots and thigh high fishnets, she has on her a katana with a red tsuba, as well as a backpack. The other woman has blue hair, with some tinted red highlights, her eyes are a deep red and she’s wearing denim jeans, a cropped leather jacket, a tank top and gothic boots.

“Do you have the things I told you to get?” says the blue haired woman. “Of course I do! When have I forgotten anything important?” answers the red hair woman, to which the blue haired one responds “Nell! You forget important stuff all the time, I don’t even know how sometimes!“. Nell nods and states with an smug look on her face “Yeah but you love me anyway.”

Nell begins unpacking, as the blue haired woman starts listing the things they’d need: “Alright, so holy water with sheep’s blood mixed in, sheep’s blood separately, a broken cross, six human eyes, not too old, the skull of a witch and last but not least, some food so you won’t starve in there. Got everything?“. Nell replies “Yup! I have everything right here, Chloe, it’s just as you told me! Let’s do this already!”

Chloe takes the things to the center of the altar and arranges them putting emphasis on the eyes and the skull. Both step back from the altar and Chloe closes her eyes, does a hand sign and begins chanting what sounds like some kind of curse in an unknown language. She openes her eyes slowly, and the stuff in the middle of the altar burns intensively, like it had just been drenched in gasoline and set on fire.

As the things burn and the chalk starts turning black, Nell takes her katana out and stabs the chalk line coming from the altar. The sword begins glowing red and the chalk that had turned completely black suddenly glows a deep red yet still being pitch black somehow.

They turn to each other and stare at the other’s eyes. As the things in the altar continue to burn and the stone pillars start to crack, Nell puts her hand on the Chloe’s cheek and says to her “I’m sorry if you’ll be sad about this. I don’t know for how long I’ll be gone, I’ll be back soon enough though. And I know you’re worried but trust me, I’m really strong, I’ll be fine and I promise you that I’ll come back to give you the tightest hug of your life! And I’ll also bring you my father so you can meet him finally, and me too…”

Chloe replies: “I’m not gonna be that sad, I’ll be fine. I’ll mostly just be bored to not have you around. I know you’re strong, I’ve seen it, I’m still worried since we’re not sure what kind of stuff you might find in there but I don’t doubt that you’ll be fine. I know how important meeting your father is after so many years of not knowing who he even was…and now that you know, and you know where to find him, you have to go with him. Don’t hesitate just because of me, I want you to be as happy as you can be, and if that means you have to literally go to hell and back, then so be it. I know you’ll be back with me anyways, so.”

The things in the altar burn up completely and the ashes left behind begin to glow a deep but bright red, and a portal suddenly opens up, both look on each other with a worried look on their faces, and kiss goodbye.

Nell takes her sword from the ground and slowly walks back towards the portal now with a confident smile on her face, she says to Chloe “I’ll be back in no time, you’ll see! See you later, and don’t forget to give Karen that keyboard I bought for her birthday!”, then she turns to the portal and begins jogging towards it as Chloe yells out “Be careful Nell! Don’t do anything stupid!” The portal’s black innards clear up to show a tunnel and Nell jumps head first into it. Then the portal closes as Chloe says to herself “Don’t throw your life away for him…I don’t know what I would do if you did…don’t rely on miracles either, god won’t help a demon…”

To Be Continued…

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