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Devil Insider #3: Revenge

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The knight’s blade pierced Nell’s chest completely. The sound of flesh being cut by something sharp and heavy swallows the chilling silence in the ambient. She looks down, her hair’s shadow obscuring her eyes. Both her and the knight are quiet, and the colorless soil is now soaked in red.

Nell places her hand on the knight’s blade, she frowns in pain and thinks “God damnit..I didn’t think it would hurt this much…” and the silence is broken suddenly by her words: “Is that all you got?” she says as she lifts her head with a cocky grin, and she then steps back to get the blade out of her chest. Once it’s out, her bleeding slows down as she stands leaning down slightly to catch her breath while her body is healing a wound that should kill any human being, and the knight steps back in awe.

Placing her hand on her chest as it’s almost fully healed, she exclaims “If you’re not even gonna fight with everything you got then you should of stayed home buddy!” and she strikes him back with her katana.

The knight is unfazed by her attack though, she looks with an slight puzzled look before getting her psycho smile back and she exclaims “I guess you’re not so much of a cold shot! Do you take a while to warm up?” as she prepares to attack again, and her blade is suddenly engulfed by an scarlet fire.

Nell strikes the knight but this time he parries her attack and is pushed back a little, when his blade also sets on fire, but it’s black with a glowing yellow outline. Nell looks surprised and she mutters to herself “So you can do that too, huh?” and her smile grows larger.

The flames of both blades burst violently, painting the colorless soil with light, and both of them are pushed back, and so they run towards each other to trade blows over and over. Suddenly Nell performs a somersault when the knight expected her to keep mindlessly striking him, and she strikes him on the back.

The flame of the knight’s sword continues to burst as he recoils to attack Nell one more time, and so he does but Nell simply steps aside last moment and spins going behind him, then asking him if that’s all he’s got while shrugging. He turns around swinging his blade to cut Nell in half but she blocks it and gets knocked back a bit. The knight steps back and prepares to strike again, but Nell jumps forward and stabs him, he still managed to cut her, though she heals fairly fast.

The fire of both blades puts itself out, as the knight falls down to one knee, he can’t continue fighting but he hasn’t given up yet. This wiped the smile from her face, Nell exclaims “I thought I’d get to have some fun with you, that was too easy, too bad, maybe I’ll have to hold back with the next one..” as she brings her sword up to deal the finishing blow, that’s when the same lightning that brought the knight there strikes him, and he disappears in a flash…

Looking with disappointment at the burnt spot where the knight was a moment ago, “Huh, there was something familiar about this demon…I wonder what that was about, don’t suppose the halo on his head is real, unless…hmmm… I’ll put a pin on that for now…got places to go!”

Nell starts walking again, the fog is still thick and black like a void, she can’t see anything, but she can still feel the thing, and so she goes that direction, trying to wave away the fog that smells dry and stagnant in front of her face unsuccessfully.

She walks, and walks and walks, until suddenly she’s outside of the black fog, and what looked like a village is right in front of her, turns out it really is a very small village, the houses all seem to be made of tree branches and what appears to be clay made from the colorless soil that forms the ground.

Nell looks around confused at the seemingly empty houses. “This place reeks of death, like stagnated and perpetual decay, something’s rotting without giving life back, but it feels like there’s people somehow, yet there’s nobody, *nothing..*to be seen…” she mutters, when she spots a child peeking through a door. “Hey! What’s your name buddy?” she asks the kid who goes into the house without replying, Nell then runs to him asking him to wait for her.

Nell enters the surprisingly big house where the kid is hiding but finds there’s nobody in it. “Hold on, what? Where’d he go? Huh, maybe, maybe that kid is a ghost or something…” she asks herself, before realizing that the house is bigger on the inside than on the outside somehow, and not even by a little, it looks about six times as large.

Shocked about the mathematical implications of this space, Nell notices that at the other end of the house, there’s an altar very similar to the one she used to get here. It doesn’t have an star however, instead, there’s just two circles, one inside the other, this altar also lacks the salt circle around it. Nell feels that the thing is in the altar yet still far away somehow…

“Well…I really doubt I’ll find anything else here…I do know hell is supposed to be layered or something, so…here goes nothing…” she exclaims before unsheathing her sword and stabbing the chalk on the ground. The altar lights on fire like the last one, but this fire engulfs the entire place with Nell inside, and it rapidly puts itself out. Nothing seems to be burnt anymore, but Nell is no longer here…

To be continued

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